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4000i Dual Fuel Generator


Product Name: RVMP Flex Power® 4000i Dual Fuel Installed Generator

Barcode: 850041427119

Model #: RVMP-AM-4L1-RV401

List Price: $3,699.00

MSRP: $3,699.00


The next generation of RV generators. Designed for permanent installation. The RV Mobile Power® Flex Power® 4000i runs on a flexible and reliable single-cylinder 224cc OHV air-cooled engine with a digital governor.Is designed to be: compact, quiet, powerful, and efficient. Run your RV’s appliances directly or re-charge your battery bank for extended off-grid boondocking.




Recreational vehicle owners know the importance of having a backup generator. They are often critical to a fun and comfortable outdoor adventure, but they must be reliable and safe. The RVMP Flex Power Generator is manufactured with power, performance, and, most importantly, safety in mind. The generator’s compact design removes the traditional bulk of most generators, making it easier to fit within storage spaces or compartments. Not only is it lighter at 121 pounds (over 40 pounds lighter than comparable generators,) but it’s also more versatile with the capability to run on both gasoline or propane. Dual fuel capacity allows for flexibility – gasoline provides a higher BTU, and propane runs cleaner and quieter. Travel with peace of mind knowing your generator can change fuel sources with the simple flip of a switch.

The RVMP Flex Power generator also features smart start technology, removing the traditional starter, which may need to be replaced over time. Smart start technology uses a digitally produced three-phase waveform passed to the alternator’s stator to rotate the engine and start more efficiently. Without a traditional starter and no spark from a commutator, the risk of igniting combustible fuels is largely removed, improving safety and offering peace of mind. Unlike generators of the past, the 4000 Watt Flex Power model is equipped with an integrated inverter forclean power production. A completely new exhaust and cooling system has been designed for maximum cooling while staying quiet.

This new and innovative patent-pending design brings many upgrades over traditional generator models.


● Better efficiency – On-demand power uses less fuel than other popular generator models both while running and at rest

● Dual Fuel – 2 types applicable in one unit: Gasoline or Propane

● Hassle-free electric start system with remote start lets you start the generator from inside the coach

● Designed for reliable service with all total low harmonic distortion for use with sensitive electronics.

● Emergency backup recoil start gives you further peace of mind when you are using the Flex Power 4000i – No other generator has this capability

● Multi-pole PM brushless alternator incorporates a digital voltage regulator. The total harmonic distortion is only 3%, which makes it safer to power all types of electronic devices.

● Offers stepped-up power-on-demand, eliminating issues of overload. The motor slows down when you reduce the load and will speed up when you resume a higher load. High performance, low cost, quiet operations, and fuel efficiency make this RV generator the best in its class by every measure.

● Compared to the competition: The Flex Power™ 4000i is lighter, more fuel efficient, lower in harmonic distortion, quieter, has a higher base load, and has many more features.

● 100% replacement for Onan-installed generators – Fits in the same space as Onan and other competitors.

● Your safety is our concern, the Flex Power™ 4000i includes many safety features that go above and beyond industry standards. Including a digital valve controller that offers auto shut-off for fire prevention.

● Consistent output – Less distortion (3% compared to 17% in competitive models) allows you to power sensitive devices like laptops, TVs, and gaming counsels, without worrying about overload

● Softer sound – Consistent output allows for a quieter run without loud rev cycles

● Significantly fewer emissions when run with propane – up to 10x less output

● Digital hour reading – Easily measure running time for maintenance

● Safer design -Engineered and built to mitigate fire risk

● Digital valve controller – Auto shutoff monitoring for fire prevention

● Remote start capability – wiring harness for connecting to controls within the RV for remote starting

● Heat sensor – Built-in protection from overheating and over-revving ● Patent-pending technology – See RVMP Patentsfor more information

● Exceeds U.S. Forest Services (USFS), CSA, RVIA, and EPA emission requirements.

● Original equipment for Forrest River, NeXus RV, and Thor Industry.

● Backed by our guarantee to provide you with the best customer support and a 3-year limited warranty.


● AC/DC Excitation: Brushless PM

● Amps: 33.3

● Design: Multi Pole PM

● Dimensions: 29.5″ L x 19.25″ W x 13.5″ H

● Frequency: 60

● Fuel: Gasoline/LP

● RPM: Variable 2200-3600

● Voltage Regulation: Digital

● Volts: 117-120

● Watts: 4000

● Weight: 121 lb. (54.88 kg)

Image: RVMP-Flex-Power-4.0kW-Inverter-In

Additional information

Weight 121 lbs
Dimensions 29.5 × 19.25 × 13.5 in


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